To the glory of God, we proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ
and disciple the saints to live for Him.

The first meeting of the church was held in the Ridgely Room of the former Treadway Inn (currently known as The Treadway Towers Office Building) on July 2, 1961. Those families starting the church were: Mr. & Mrs. Louis H. Collison, Mr. & Mrs. Charlie D. Robinson, Mr. & Mrs. Elmer N. Roland, Mr. & Mrs. Lowell E. Roland, Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Shinn, Mr. & Mrs. William Russell, Mr. & Mrs. Newt Young.

The Church’s first pastor was Harry L. Walker who was called January 21, 1962.

Various speakers such as the first speaker, Arthur James of Bloomfield, New Jersey who  had graduated from Central Bible Institute and Faith Theological Seminary in 1961, ministered the Word until the first pastor was called. Sunday morning services were held at the  Treadway Inn while evening services and prayer meetings were held in private homes.

Land for the church building at its present location was purchased on January 7, 1962. The original building was built by Mr. Joseph Byler, Contractor, in May 1962.  The original  contract was for $32,000.  The new church building opened for services on September 9, 1962 and was dedicated to the Lord in October 1962.

Harry L. Walker resigned as pastor in September 1963.  Archie McGilvray was called as pastor on November 23, 1963. Church growth  required additional space and the Sunday School wing was added to the original building and dedicated in 1974. Pastor McGilvray served until late 1974 when he had to resign due to poor health.

Paul I. Pease was called as pastor on April 6, 1975 and served until the spring of 1977 when he resigned to enter the US Army Chaplaincy.

Richard Moerschell was called as pastor in the summer of 1977 and served until June 1980. During his ministry (1979) the Radio Translator system re-broadcasting WRBS Christian Radio was established.

Ronald L. David was called as pastor and began his ministry August 1, 1982. Dan Locke served in an internship for 15 months in 1983-84, between his college & seminary education.

As the ministry continued to flourish, the need for additional space and pastoral staff became evident. In August 1994 the congregation approved the addition of a 60×76 ft. sanctuary, a 50×80 ft. multi-purpose building and the renovation of the older structure. Construction was completed on the new buildings in the spring of 1995. Sam Simpson was the general contractor. The first worship service in the new sanctuary took place Sunday, June 4, 1995. Russell Jeandell was also called as Pastor of Christian Education that spring. The sanctuary and multi-purpose room were dedicated as the 35th Anniversary was celebrated on June 23, 1996.

In April 1989, thirteen acres of land on Route 29 were purchased from Mrs. Tarburton, for  possible relocation. This was deemed necessary because the Delaware State Highway Department had made plans to make Route 13 a limited access highway and to take a large portion of the current frontage. The DOT decided against their plans. The Route 29 property was sold in 1996, after we decide to stay at this location.

Continued growth necessitated expanding to two worship services and expanding the pastoral staff further. In August 2000 Richard Hensley was called to the position of Assistant Pastor beginning January 2001. His ordination was completed in April of that year. January 2003 saw the transition of the Senior Pastor position as Pastor David, having groomed Pastor Hensley, relinquished his position as Senior Pastor and assumed the position of Assistant Pastor. Thus Pastor Hensley became Senior Pastor.

After completing his bachelor degree in music, Zachary Young was called as Director of Music to fill a one year period while he determined where he would continue his education. This allowed him “hands-on” experience and provided the church with needed leadership in music. Additionally, ground was broken for a new two-story 8900 sq. ft. building for class rooms and multi-purpose activities. The building was completed in March of 2006. Following this, the property and home behind the Church was purchased in April of 2007. This became known as the “Hospitality House.”

Pastor David retired effective January 2005. With his retirement the Elder Board determined to provide a Pastoral Mentoring Program and called Billy Rosano to fill the position of Pastoral Intern. In November of 2005, Billy candidated and was called by the Church to fulfill the role of Assistant Pastor. Billy started this new assignment on January 1, 2006.

In July 12, 2009 Pastor Rick and Pastor Billy resigned their positions and left FCC to start a new work. Pastor David was asked to serve again in the position of Senior Pastor until the congregation called a new senior pastor. A search committee was formed and the congregation called Pastor Jeff Taylor to be the new Senior Pastor, effective July 1, 2012.

The elders sensed a need for an associate pastor who is gifted in music. John Roseti was called to serve as the Associate Pastor for Worship, beginning September 2013. John received his ordination from FCC on November 30, 2014.

Pastor Taylor was assigned the position of Full Time Staff Chaplain for the Joint Forces Headquarters, Delaware National Guard on March 22, 2015, and he decided to serve the Lord full-time in that position. After 11 months, Pastor Michael Andrews from the Houston, Texas area was called to take the position of Senior Pastor, effective March 1, 2016. After that Michael Andrews served as Senior Pastor from March 2016 to November 2021.