March 5th
Video: Why Communion?

Why is it that the Lord established Communion? What was His purpose in doing so? Is it something that we have lost sight of in our culture in comparison to how it was established in the first century? What does it point to?

Week of March 12th
Video: Why the Triumphant Entry?

Why is it that the Lord needed to fulfill prophecy regarding his entry into Jerusalem? Why is it recorded that Jesus wept over Jerusalem? What else can we infer from this passage of events that show celebration of the miracles that Jesus did and why the people were shouting “Hosanna!” to Him?

Week of March 19th
Video: Why the Prayer in the Garden?

Why is this important? What does Jesus’s prayer teach us about who He is? And His relationship to the Father?

Week of March 26th
Video: Why the Trial?

Why did Jesus have to endure a trial? And better yet-an unjust and unfair trial! Does this trial allude to anything in Scripture before and after Jesus’s ministry on the earth?

Week of April 2nd
Why the Crucifixion?

Why did Jesus have to go through such an excruciating death? Couldn’t He have just taken a sip of poison and died? Why was it done publicly?

Resurrection Day, April 9th
Why the Resurrection?

As we conclude our series that leads up to Jesus’s triumph over sin and death in the ultimate show of God’s power that man can fathom-Resurrection from the dead-what does this mean for us? What does this mean for unbelievers? What is our hope now?

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